We investigate rhythmic processes in the brain, with a focus on the auditory system.

We test how these brain rhythms can help us cope with the continuous stream of information we receive.

We develop brain stimulation methods to modulate oscillations externally,

to support conditions associated with a malfunctioning of oscillatory activity.  


Benedikt Zoefel
CNRS Researcher






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Key publications


Zoefel B, Davis MH, Valente G, and Riecke L. How to test for phasic modulation of neural and behavioural responses. NeuroImage, 2019.

Zoefel B, Ten Oever S, and Sack A. The involvement of endogenous neural oscillations in the processing of rhythmic input. Front. Neurosci., 2018.


Zoefel B, Archer-Boyd A, and Davis MH. Phase entrainment of brain oscillations causally modulates neural responses to intelligible speech. Curr. Biol., 2018.

Zoefel B, and VanRullen R. Selective perceptual phase entrainment to speech rhythm in the absence of spectral energy fluctuations. J. Neurosci., 2015.



Centre de Recherche Cerveau et Cognition

CHU Purpan, Pavillon Baudot

Toulouse, France

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